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6 Things to Do in Providence RI During Summertime

June 26, 2023

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Do you want to know a good thing you have done this summer to your home? Clean it! Not cleaning the inside, but you could if you wish. Instead, taking time to get the moss, cobwebs, and dirt off the exterior surfaces can make a big difference in your curb appeal. Do you want to know something else you should do? Have fun! Here are six things to do in Providence, RI, during summertime.

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Delicious Eats at Charlestown Seafood Festival

Nothing says summer like biting into some delicious seafood. You can enjoy numerous seafood restaurants around the time all year. But the Charlestown Seafood Festival is one event you'll enjoy in the summer. Hosted by the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce, you can enjoy plenty of delectable seafood caught fresh from the ocean. They'll be serving lobster, fish and chips, clam cakes, chowder, and more.

Take a Trip to Block Island

Do you want a trip to the island but can't go to the Caribbean or another international island? You can have your fun nearby at Block Island. Enjoy some of the most incredible beaches here, including Cooneymus, Dorie's Cove, and Grace's Cove. Remember to check out the annual Block Island Music Festival and Restaurant Week.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Colt State Park

Nothing says summer, like enjoying the beauty of a day in the park. A great place to do so is in Colt State Park. While you can enjoy the greenery surrounding you in the park, the real gem is the panoramic view of Narragansett Bay. Another spectacular thing to observe in this park is the annual fourth of July celebration of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution.

See the Animals at Roger Williams Park and Zoo

One of your fondest memories of childhood was probably visiting the local zoo. Why not revisit it again as an adult? There are plenty of unique animals to see and plenty of festivals and workshops to attend.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Three Sister's Ice Cream

You can enjoy Three Sister's Ice Cream all year long. But the best time to enjoy it is in summer. Located on Hope Street, this local favorite has been around since 2006, serving some of the town's most delicious ice creams. Enjoy favorites such as mint chocolate chip, black raspberry, Dutch chocolate, fluffernutter, and cotton candy from locally sourced milk.

Hang Out at Newport International Polo Series

From June through September, you can enjoy a real treat. Enjoy a local sport favorite that many cultures have enjoyed since 600 b.c. Teams worldwide converge in this city to provide spectators with thrilling, action-packed polo games. Just grab a table and chairs or sit on the lawn and prepare to watch one of the most championed summer sports.

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